Picture of Cheyenne Brown
Picture of Seylan Baxter
The combination of Cheyenne Brown's exuberant and sensitive harp playing, Seylan Baxter's mellow, natural singing and her creatively atmospheric cello playing forms rich and varied musical textures with a distinctive style.

Whether in slow airs, jigs and reels or traditional songs Cheyenne and Seylan bring precision and empathy to their quirky, innovative arrangements.

Their energetic performances and warm stage presence dispel any stereotypes of stuffy instrumentalists and prove the effectiveness of this unusual line-up.

Cheyenne and Seylan met while studying on the prestigious Scottish Music course at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama and performed for the first time together at Cowalfest in 2005.

They recently released their debut CD, 2:forty. It consists of 7 instrumental tracks and 6 Scots songs. You can listen to a few tracks on the 'music' page.

You can buy the CD through a secure paypal site and it is also available in record shops in the UK and through several online retailers.